1Are there toilets and showers on site?
There are portable toilets on site and a single portable electric shower unit on site. You can shower at the leisure centre for a small fee, this is conveniently next to the canoe centre and about 7 minutes walk from the tipi field. This is a very nice new facility used to outdoor groups.
2What do we need to bring?
If you are in SIMPLE Tipis: Camping mat (airbeds are not advisable as they take too much space), Sleeping bag, Pillow, Torch, Wash kit, water bottle, Warm jacket & a hat as the evenings can be cold. If you are in COMFY Tipis: Sleeping bag, Pillow, Torch, Wash kit, water bottle, Warm jacket & a hat as the evenings can be cold. A camping cooking kit if you are not having the DIY BBQ deliveries for all of your stay is a good idea.


1What should I wear and take canoeing/kayaking or raft building?
It's best to wear shorts, t-shirt and old trainers(not flip flops), take along a fleece, a waterproof jacket, any emergency medication you may require such as inhalers or epi pens, cash for lunch if you are stopping off, a water bottle and some snacks to keep you going. A dry storage barrel is provided for each canoe so you can put your spare jumper, jacket etc in there whilst canoeing to ensure they keep dry. Anything you take along with you is your responsibility. You may get wet so have a change of clothes and a towel in the car to change into afterwards.
2What should I wear rock climbing, abseiling or orienteering?
Shorts or lightweight walking or sports trousers, a t-shirt, a fleece, strong trainers or walking shoes or boots, the forest paths are very steep, rough and slippery so you need good tread and a solid shoe. It's a good idea to bring a few small backpacks in your group to carry your waterproof jacket, drink and a snack. You must also bring any emergency medication like inhalers or epi pens.
3What should I wear and take with me mountain biking?
Shorts, t-shirt and trainers is generally the best for mountain biking. If it is cold maybe a long sleeve t-shirt or light top also, if raining you will need a waterproof jacket. It is also highly recommended to wear gloves to protect your hands in case you stumble, fairly well fitting gardening on safety gloves can be a good cheap option for a couple of pounds if you don't have any hanging around. Emergency medication such as epi pens or inhalers must also be brought with you. A small backpack, water bottle and a snack is a very good idea, there is a cafe and on site and car parking is about £3.50 in change.

Frequently Asked Questions